Relief Appeal for Nepal Earthquake Victims

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Nepal has been hit by two major earthquake of 7.8 magnitude on April 28, and again 7.3 magnitude on May 12. Tens of thousands of people died, injured and hundreds of thousands have become homeless. It is essential that emergency goods and services needs to reach to the people who desperately require help.

The Calgary Nepalese Community Association (CNCA) has been collecting donation to provide support to for the relief of earthquake victims in Nepal. CNCA in partnership with Canadian Red Cross Society has raised just over 40,000 as of May 25th 2015. Federal government of Canada has announced that it will match 100% of the individual contribution on this donation collected on or before  25 May 2015.

As the destruction of these two earthquake is so huge, Nepal needs your continuous support for rebuilding and reconstruction. The Calgary Nepalese Community Association (CNCA) is collecting donation for helping people in Nepal.  You can donate online using Credit card or PayPal or Interac e-Transfer or you can also deposit your donation to our bank account directly or by writing cheque to us.

If you are looking for donation receipt for your donation, you can donate of the following 3 ways:

1. CNCA portal on Medical Mercy Canada

CNCA has formed partnership with Medical Mercy Canada. To donate please click here or Medical  Mercy Canada logo below. Any donation above 20$ will be issued a tax receipt by Medical Mercy Canada For more information about Medical Mercy Canada please visit


2. CNCA portal on Canadian Red Cross

CNCA is continuing its partnership with Canadian Red Cross Society to send the collected donation to the organizations working on the ground in Nepal. Every dollar collected by CNCA will be used for the relief of earthquake victims in Nepal. Anyone donating $5 or over will be issued a tax receipt directly from Canadian Red Cross Society. To donate please click here or Canadian Red Cross logo below.


3. CNCA Interac e-Transfer or Direct Deposit to CNCA Bank Account

CNCA is also accepting donation for Nepal Earthquake Relief. You can donate either using  Interac e-Transfer or by  depositing to our bank account directly or  by writing a cheque and sending it to us.

e-transfer picture

Direct Bank deposit / Cheque:
Beneficiary: Calgary Nepalese Community Association (CNCA)
Bank: CIBC Bank
Institution Number: 010
Transit Number: 00319
Account Number: 6322115

If you are writing a cheque, please send it to:
CNCA, P.O. Box: 68240
RPO Crowfoot, Calgary
AB, T3G 3N8

CNCA will issue a tax receipt through Medical Mercy Canada.

If you would like to donate to the organization working on the ground directly you can donate one of the following two ways. Please note as of now, these organization are not able to provide you a tax receipt.

1. Prime Minister Disaster Relief fund – Nepal

The Prime Minister’s Disaster Relief Fund is purely a relief fund set up by the Government of Nepal. Money received from the Government of Nepal or from any other national and international sources for the purpose of relief is deposited into this Fund and is solely used for the purpose of providing relief to the affected people. For donation please click below image or click here. For more information on Prime Minister Relief fund please go to


2.  Non-Resident Nepalis-National Coordination Council-Canada (NRN-Canada)

NRN-Canada is accepting donation using paypal. All donation will go to NRNA Emergency Relief Fund. To donate please click here or image below. For more information on NRN – Canada please visit



We thank you very much for your generous support.

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