Update Regarding Mr. Mahim Chapagain Cancer Treatment

Thank you very much for your donation for Mahim Chapagain’s cancer treatment. Your help and the best wishes has really made positive difference on his long road to recovery. We have been in touch with him and his relatives in Calgary and he is doing very well! His fighting spirit and cheerfulness attitude has really propelled him to combat with the disease. He has so far undergone 6 Chemotherapy and they have been very effective on his treatment. He is undergoing surgery on November 6, 2014 and we wish him all the best.

We handed over $ 9,663 to Mahim a couple of weeks ago.  The remaining collected fund will be handed over to him in later days. We shall try to update his health status periodically. Please find the donors name list for your perusal.

Once again – We wish you all the best and confident that he come into full circle of life!

Sincerely ,
CNCA Family

Requesting Donation for Mr. Mahim Chapagain

The fight against cancer goes on. There is no one I know who can say they don’t have a friend or relative that has battled this terrible disease. We are once again requesting for donation to help fight against cancer for Mr. Mahim Chapagain who is undergoing cancer treatment in Calgary. He is currently residing at Mr. Purushottam Shrestha’s residence in Hawkwood  NW, Calgary.  Mr. Mahim Chapagain and his wife Ms. Usha Nemkul (niece of Mr. Purushottam Shrestha) came to Cranbrook BC in work permit and in accordance with Provincial Health Insurance they were uninsured for the first three months of their stay in Canada. Unfortunately he fell ill within the three months of the uninsured period.

It is already terrible enough and difficult ordeal to go through but having to pay hefty fees of approximately $ 49,000 for cancer treatment in Canada is beyond imagination and absolutely out of reach for all of us.

So let us help to raise funds for his treatment and at the same time let us try to find solution to negotiate these fees with cancer related social organizations in and around Calgary and the BC.

Please pledge your donations by PayPal by clicking below.

PayPal account has been closed. Please contact Mr. Purushottam Shrestha- Phone: 403- 2023505, email: shresthapurush@yahoo.com or calgarynepalese@gmail.com.

 Click here to see the donator list.


NW Calgary: Mr. Prem Gurung, 403-719-1477– email: pcgurung@hotmail.com
SW Calgary: Ms. Sabita Bantawa Basnet, 403-244-8026 – email: sabitabbasnet@gmail.com
SE Calgary: Mr. Sagar Aryel, 403-667-3723 – email: sagar309@yahoo.com
NE Calgary: Mr. Kul Gurung, Phone: 403-568-4763,   email: kulbg98@hotmail.com and,
CNCA’s Fundraising, Project and Out-Reaching Director:
Ms. Anuva Pradhan, 403-284-1605, email: anuvapradhan@hotmail.com

Alternatively you can pledge your donation to: calgarynepalese@gmail.com

For more information pls. contact us or Mr. Purushottam Shrestha- Phone: 403 202 3505, email: shresthapurush@yahoo.com

We thank you for your time and consideration. We look forward to whatever support you can provide.