CNCA Community Centre Pursuit

CNCA Executive Board Meeting held on June 18, 2016 decided to form a T ask Force Team to review and update existing CNCA Business Plan and to look at the possibility of establishing  a “Home” for our association, envisioned as “CNCA Community Centre” with the following mandate:

  • Update and resubmit CNCA Business Plan
  • Explore available Federal, Provincial, Municipal grants and make applications, as appropriate
  • Pursue CNCA Community Centre

The Task Force Team has been working hard for the past two and half month to gather and analyse a lot of information in this pursuit for CNCA Community Centre.

Why do we need CNCA Community Centre?

With its original registration in 1985, CNCA has a profound history of operating in Calgary for over three decades. While the association has been running satisfactorily with the help from all dedicated volunteers like you, its operation would have been lot easier and would have served our members in much better way, had there been a physical place – a “home” of the association. CNCA members & well-wishers are very well deserved to have a home for CNCA Family. A successful establishment of CNCA Community Centre in Calgary not only translates to an enhanced service to its members/friends but also help promote our association in the City, and makes it a matter of pride to all Nepalese in Calgary.

Why now?

The dream of establishing CNCA Community Centre has been in the minds of CNCA members and well-wishers for a number of years, particularly since the start of its involvement in Casino event. The effort to make dream into reality took its first step in October 2014, when we successfully received approval on the Business Plan from AGLC. The business plan had anticipated the association to acquire its building “CNCA Community Centre” in 2016.  Because the business plan needs to be updated / renewed in every two years, our current pursuit makes it consistent with the original plan and make our case stronger for its renewal, which is due on December 2016. Above all, we have seen high level of enthusiasm among our members, friends and well wishers, and the Task Force Team has already made a significant progress. Therefore, it is a high time for all to work together in this pursuit, capitalizing on the current momentum and make this dream a reality!

Options for CNCA Community Centre

Task Force Team explored various options available and screened them down to the following two potentially feasible / viable options for CNCA Community Centre:

Option 1 Option 2
Commercial Bay Facility

–          2500-4000 Sq. Ft. of usable space

Building on R-C2 Zone (See Note Below)

–          A building in usable condition on full lot Land on RC2 Zone

Note: The City of Calgary Land Use Bylaw 1P700 defines R-C2 as “Residential – Contextual One / Two Dwelling” and its regulations are described under Division 5 of Part 5: Low Density Residential Districts of the Bylaw.

Our Budget and Target to meet Shortfall

We are currently targeting a budget of $500,000 – $550,000. With some government funding, we anticipate there will be shortfall of about $250,000 which we plan to cover with Donation from well-wishers of CNCA, loan from well-wishers of CNCA and/or mortgage from financial institution.

 Your generosity and contribution to this pursuit will be recognized permanently. A” WALL OF THANKS” with the name of sponsors in 3 different tiers will be mounted on the CNCA Community Center. The 3 tiers will be as under:

Silver Sponsor Donation of $500 – $999
Gold Sponsor Donation of $1,000 – $1,999
Platinum Sponsor Donation of $2,000 – $3,999

Supreme Recognition:
Families donating $4,000 or above will have their name on the List of Sponsors on CNCA Community Centre above Platinum level sponsors with the amount donated.

Donation can be made either by one lump sum cheque (or cash) by December 31st, 2016 or 5 equal monthly postdated cheques starting October, 2016.

CNCA Life Membership for family will be granted for any family donating $500 or above. If the Donor family is already CNCA Life Member, CNCA Life Membership will be granted for their children who are already 18 years old or when their children turn 18 years old.

Target Timeline:


Your support and generosity will be greatly appreciated! Thank you!


Task Force Team – CNCA Business Plan