“सि एन सि ए नेपाली स्कूल – हाम्रो लागि हामीले चलाएको स्कूल”

Detail information for Nepali School 2015/2016 – Presented during CNCA Nepali School Open house can be downloaded from here.

Click here for CNCA Nepali School 2014/2015.

CNCA Nepali School is held weekly on Sundays and runs from 2:15 pm to 4:45 pm at Western Canada High School, 64117AveSW,Calgary,ABT2S0B5

School entrance and parking is via student parking lot located off of 5ASt SW.

CNCA Nepali School calendar follows the regular school calendar from September to June. School is closed during July and August.
Classes are not held during long weekend. Please refer to the school calendar for school closure dates.

Basically, there are three base levels of program which focus on speaking, reading and writing. However, depending upon the number of students enrolled and their knowledge regarding Nepali language, these basic levels can be subdivided into other levels. Students will move from one level to next level as they graduate from their normal school grade for that level based on Teachers’ evaluation and recommendation at the end of each year.

Level                               Grade                                           Age                  Duration             Focus

Level1 (A/B)                Kindergarten to Grade 3                  < 4 to 9               5 years                    Speaking

Level 2 (A/B)               Grade 4 to 6                                       10 to 12               3 years                    Reading

Level 3 (A/B)               Grade 7 to 12                                      13 to 18               6 years                    Writing

School time table will be as follows:

2:15-2:30 2:30-3:45 3:45 4:10 4:30-4:45
Class Room Set Up Lesson Level 1 Snacks at Cafeteria

Level 2/3 Snacks at Cafeteria

Level 1B, 2 & 3 one on one reading

Teacher volunteers for this school year will be as follows:

General Information 2015 2016 13

Parents are required to volunteer for one on one reading. Please sign up with Rashmi Dhaubhadel and she will assign a parent volunteer for one on one reading for each student every school day.

CNCA Nepali School annual fee is $20.00 for CNCA members and $40.00 for others. Fee collected is used for additional programs/special snacks for the students. .

Student must attend minimum 40% of classes to qualify for certificate of participation for the school year.

Parent teachers’ interview will be held at the beginning of each session. Refer to the school calendar for this year’s parent teachers interviews date.

Students will take turn to bring snacks for the school based on the Snack Schedule. There will be special snack provided by the school on certain days.

Any questions, concerns, regarding this year’s registration, school events and, schedules, please contact Manju Dahal, via email mdahal@telus.net.

CNCA Nepali School Mobile library has over 100 children fictions and text books donated by various CNCA
members and purchased from fund received from SAHLA. CNCA Nepali School library will be open on every school
day, during snack time, at the cafeteria. Shashi Dhaubhadel is volunteer librarian for this year. Students can borrow any number of books from this library. Students will receive a reward for number of books they have read.

Please contact calgarynepalese@gmail.com for all general inquiries regarding CNCA Nepali School

Conversational Nepali Language Lessons

CNCA also provides assistance in conversational Nepali language on individual need basis. Please contact  calgarynepalese@gmail.com for all inquiries regarding Nepali Language programs.

Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something. Together we can make the school successful and help our children learn to read, write and speak Nepali and learn about Nepal.

“सि एन सि ए नेपाली स्कूल – हाम्रो लागि हामीले चलाएको स्कूल”