CNCA Nepali School (Est. 2007)

हाम्रो लागि हामीले चलाएको स्कूल – सि एन सि ए नेपाली स्कूल

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CNCA Nepali School for 2018/2019 session has started from 9th Sept 2018.

CNCA Nepali School is a community-based heritage language school. It was started in June 2007. Its objective is to teach children to read, write and speak Nepalese language, and about Nepal and Nepalese culture. Children of Nepalese origin, ages between 5 and 18 (recommended) can enroll in this school any time of the school year.  Younger children (less than 5 yrs of age) are also eligible to enroll any time of the school year.

  • CNCA Nepali School is held weekly on Sundays at
    Western Canada High School
    641 17 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2S 0B5
  • School entrance and parking is via student parking lot located off of 5A St SW.
  • There are three levels of program. Students will move to next level as they graduate from their normal school grade for that level based on Teachers’ evaluation and recommendation at the end of each year
Level 1Kindergarten to Grade 3<= 5 to 95 yearsSpeaking
Level 2Grade 4 to 610 to 123 yearsReading
Level 3Grade 7 to1213 to 186 yearsWriting
  • CNCA Nepali School calendar follows the regular school calendar from September to June. School is closed during July and August. Classes are not held during long weekend. Please refer to the school calendar for school closure dates.
  • School runs from 2:15 pm to 4:45 pm, please refer to the time table for detail activities.
  • CNCA Nepali school enrollment is open throughout the school year. Please refer to School admission form.
  • CNCA Nepali School annual fee is $40.00 for CNCA members and $50.00 for others. Fee collected is used for additional programs/special snacks for the students.
  • All parents are required to sign off waiver to release CNCA from liability. Also all parents who carpool to bring students to CNCA Nepali school are required to sign off waiver form.
  • Parents are required to volunteer for one on one reading. CNCA Nepali School Program Coordinator will assign a parent volunteer for one on one reading for each student every school day.
  • Students will take turn to bring snacks for the school based on the Snack Schedule. There will be special snack provided by the school on certain days. Parents need to make sure your child brings snacks on their assigned date. If you are unable to attend school on your assigned snacks day, parents need to contact other parents to switch the snack schedule.
  • CNCA Nepali School library will be open on every school day. Volunteer librarian will help for this activity. Students can borrow any number of books from this library. Each student will keep a log of books they have read. Students will receive a reward for number of books they have read. Refer for the CNCA Nepali School Mobile library for the list of books. Adult books are available to read via email request to CNCA members only.
  • There will be a $5.00 fine for any lost book borrowed from the School Library.
  • Student must attend minimum 40% of classes to qualify for certificate of participation for the school year. Student absentees has been a major concern at CNCA Nepali School. A survey will be conducted to get feedback on improving attendance.
  • Students are given a home work every week. Parents are requested to ensure that home work is completed and submitted following school day. Absent students are also required to complete the homework. Class teacher will notify all Parents about weekly homework via emails.
  • Each student is given a backpack, binder with pencils and erasers, class book and reading book on the first day of school. There will be a $15.00 payment required for any lost class book or reading book to be replaced.
  • Any general inquiries, concerns regarding registration, school events and, schedules, please contact or
  • CNCA also provides assistance in Conversational Nepali language Lessons on individual need basis. Please contact or for all inquiries regarding Nepali Language programs.

Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something. Together we can make the school successful and help our children learn to read, write and speak Nepali and learn about Nepal.

 “सि एन सि ए नेपाली स्कूल – हाम्रो लागि हामीले चलाएको स्कूल”

Teachers List  School Committee Library Calendar Time Table Admission Form Snacks Schedule Info. for Parents  Volunteer Form