Relief Appeal for Nepal Earthquake Victims


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On Saturday, 25th April, 2015 a disaster of an epic proportion struck Nepalese capital Kathmandu and many surrounding districts from an earthquake of 7.8 magnitude. Death toll has already exceeded 7,900 and tens of thousands are injured. Many more are unaccounted for and the search for survivors continues. Dozens of mountain climbers were perished due to avalanche caused by earthquake.

This is one of the worst earthquakes to hit Nepal in more than 80 years. Homes, buildings, roads, other important infrastructure and historic sites were reduced to rubble. Many large aftershocks have jolted the area. Tens of thousands have become homeless, and people are sleeping on roads and open grounds for the fear of their lives.

Outside help have started to reach Kathmandu but rescue efforts are yet to reach many rural communities due to bad weather, lack of resources and transportation facilities. Many outside communities are still desperately waiting for help. So, more help is needed in the form of monetary, materials, medical supplies, and volunteers in these dire situations.

Nepal needs support from countries and communities around the world to deal with its immediate and long term needs to rebuild the ruins from this disaster. The Calgary Nepalese Community Association (CNCA) has begun collecting funds to provide support to the victims of this earthquake. CNCA will focus on immediate relief and supply delivery to earthquake victims as well as long term rebuilding of the damaged area. Your donation will be used to support the affected communities in all possible ways. CNCA has formed a partnership with Canadian Red Cross Society to send the collected donation to the organizations working on the ground in Nepal. Every dollar collected by CNCA will be used for the relief of earthquake victims in Nepal. Anyone donating $5 or over will be issued a tax receipt directly from Canadian Red Cross Society.

Your donation of any amount will help the victims in a great way, so please help. Federal government of Canada has also announced that it will match — dollar-for- dollar — all eligible contributions to the Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund until May 25. Any individual contribution made through CNCA will go to Canadian Red Cross Society – Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund thus the donation would be 100% matched by Federal government as long as contribution is made on or before May 25, please act soon.

You may choose to donate online using Credit card or PayPal or Interac e-Transfer. You can also deposit your donation to our bank account directly or write a cheque and send it to us.

For making donation online securely to Canadian Red Cross Society using Credit card or PayPal please go to:

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Direct Bank deposit / Cheque:
Beneficiary: Calgary Nepalese Community Association (CNCA)
Bank: CIBC Bank
Institution Number: 010
Transit Number: 00319
Account Number: 6322115

If you are writing a cheque, please send it to CNCA, P.O. Box: 68240, RPO Crowfoot, Calgary, AB, T3G 3N8.

We thank you very much for your generous support.

Calgary Nepalese Community Association (CNCA)

Click here to download the Relief Appeal for Nepal Earthquake Victims

Please note Canadian Red Cross Society just created a portal for CNCA and we will now be using that portal for donation made through Credit card or PayPal. For that reason we have now removed our PayPal link. We would like to assure you that every dollar you have donated through our PayPal on or before April 29, 2015 will be transferred to Canadian Red Cross Society by May 4th, 2015 and you will receive a tax receipt from Canadian Red Cross Society.