CNCA invites all to come and enjoy our next event being planned as below. Like all our events, this end-of-year (or beginning-of-year) event will be loaded with all elements of entertainments (food, drinks, music & dance) in a great cozy and elegant environment for you to bid “good bye” to the year 2016 and welcome the New Year 2017.

Losar – Year of Bird and English New Year – 2017

Venue: Calgary Hellenic Community Hall,1 Tamarac Cr. SW, Calgary, AB T3C 3B7

Date: Friday, December 30, 2016

Time: 5.30 PM to 10:30 PM

Registration and Payment: Please confirm your attendance to this event by signing up online at the links below by Sunday, December 25, 2016.



Do not miss out on this opportunity to meet and wish our friends a “Happy New Year”, while having a great time for yourselves and your families. See you all at the PARTY!

Click HERE for more details


Pursuit of CNCA Community Centre – A step towards our dream!

Our ultimate dream is to establish a community centre in Calgary that will house a “Nepali Mandir” – a place for worshiping, praying & cultural practicing, a venue for Nepali School and CNCA programs consisting of hall/meeting rooms/office and parking; all in adequate levels to run its activities. Although, this goal is a bit out of our reach at the current situation, CNCA is very pleased to announce, after an extremely encouraging Interaction Session held on 1st October 2016,  that it is moving ahead to take the important first step that will lead us towards making the ultimate dream into a reality in sometime in the future.

This first step involves the pursuit to establish a CNCA Community Centre that provides a physical venue for the association and will help towards enhancement of its operation in several ways. More importantly, this pursuit will actually solidify our identity in Calgary and help promote our association,  our rich and unique culture and heritage among the fellow Canadians, which is indeed a matter of pride for all Nepalese in Calgary!

Despite the difficult situation due to the economic downturn in the City, CNCA members and well-wishers’ have shown incredible amount of enthusiasm and support in this pursuit. This has highly encouraged the Task Force Team and has decided, building onto the current momentum, to drive this effort on a high gear with the target of reaching the destination by the end of this year or early next year. However, the road to the destination is steep – even after the anticipated Government Grant and AGLC fund, there is an estimated shortfall of $250,000 which needs to be covered by donations and / or loan from well-wishers’ of CNCA and Nepal. We recognize meeting this shortfall as a challenge, but not entirely impossible task, particularly for a community like ours in which “giving” for a noble cause such as this is not only considered as moral duties but also provides satisfaction to the individual/family from social and religious perspectives.

Therefore, let us join our hands together on this noble cause of establishing our identity in this wonderful city. Do not miss out on this wonderful opportunity to be a part of CNCA’s history and be among the proud group of legends, especially for the future generations of Nepalese in Calgary. CNCA will make permanent recognition of your support and generosity on a “WALL OF THANKS” mounted in the CNCA Community Centre. For more details on this pursuit, please click here.

Please make your pledge online by completing this form or by contacting Dibya Pradhan at 403.749.9275 – Thank you!

With your generosity, the pledged donation amount have reach to $58,698.00 as of 27th November, 2016. Please click here to find the people who have pledged donation as of now Or see the enclosed table.

Donation Pledged as of 27th November 2016

S. No.NamePledged Amount
1Raju Tuladhar & Ratna Tuladhar$5,000.00
2Dibya Pradhan & Nira Rajbhandari$2,026.00
3Hikmat B Bhandari & Sarojani Shrestha$2,010.00
4Prakash Neupane & Jayashree Neupane$2,001.00
5Binod KC & Nisha Dhaubhadel$2,000.00
6Haribol Sharma & Prashamsha Gautam$2,000.00
7Nagendra Sharma & Isha Sharma$2,000.00
8Prasanna Man Shrestha & Rashmi Dhaubhadel$2,000.00
9Prem Gurung & Pancha Gurung$2,000.00
10Prabhu Krishna Karki & Srijana Bista$1,250.00
11Shreeram Neupane & Shrijana Dhungel$1,112.00
12Sagar Aryal & Asha Sharma$1,111.00
13Arun Shrestha$1,001.00
14Bikash Dhungel & Bandana Giri$1,001.00
15Girish Regmi & Abha Subedi$1,001.00
16Green Chilli Restaurant (17th Ave SW Calgary, Canmore)$1,001.00
17Lalit Limbu & Sumitra Limbu$1,001.00
18Narayan Pokhrel & Gita Pokhrel$1,001.00
19Rajesh Neupane & Prativa Upreti$1,001.00
20Umesh Gyawali & Usha Acharya$1,001.00
21Bharat M Shrestha & Kalpana Shrestha$1,000.00
22Dinesh Ghimire & Pooja Chhetri$1,000.00
23Gyanendra Shrestha & Sukanya Shrestha$1,000.00
24Kedar Siwakoti & Bina Kandel$1,000.00
25Prajwal Pradhan & Ratna Pradhan$1,000.00
26Yalamber Limbu & Doriana Rama$1,000.00
27Radha Krisha Raut & Binti Raut$750.00
28Pradyumna Shrestha & Padma Gurung$555.00
29Surya B Magar & Mamta R Magar$555.00
30Madhav Shrestha & Reema Shrestha$550.00
31Krishna P Basukala & Minoda Basukala$511.00
32Tony Anderson & Georgina Anderson$510.00
33Udhav Shrestha & Sristi Shrestha$510.00
34Mohan Thapa & Tila Pathak$507.00
35Bhupesh Khadka & Laxmi Khadka$505.00
36Joseph Kingsley & Rita Kingsley$505.00
37Ramesh Khatiwada & Shanti Aacharya$505.00
38Brajesh Gautam & Surakshya Dhakal$501.00
39Dhiraj Karki & Asha Timilsina$501.00
40Dipendra Sitaula & Dipika Aryal$501.00
41Jeeban B Katuwal & Sarita Katuwal$501.00
42Mahesh Bajracharya & Vidya Bajracharya$501.00
43Monoj Sarmah & Kavita Sarmah$501.00
44Rajeev Gautam & Dr. Rekha Parajuli$501.00
45Rajendra Sangraula & Sharada Sangraula$501.00
46Rudra Adhikari & Bijaya Adhikari$501.00
47Sanjiv Gautam & Supriya Adhikari$501.00
48Santosh Nakarmi & Baijayanti Nakarmi$501.00
49Aurora Ingwa Limbu$500.00
50Bhushan Pradhan & Joselita Pradhan$500.00
51Dev Gautam & Sarala Gautam$500.00
52Man B Basnet & Sabita B Basnet$500.00
53Nabin Bhusal & Laxmi Pokhrel$500.00
54Nirmala Prasai$500.00
55Prakash S Dhakal & Sabina Dhakal$500.00
56Pritesh Pokharel & Grima Bhandari$500.00
57Purna Tumbahangphe & Purnima Tumbahangphe$500.00
58Purushottam Shrestha & Shyam Kurmari Shrestha$500.00
59Tek Limbu & Mira Limbu$500.00
60Ved P Sharma & Anupama Sharma$500.00
61Birendra Limbu$100.00
62Renu Acharya$100.00
63CNCA Resources$2,005.00

Thank you for your support and walking together with us in this incredible journey!

Task Force Team – CNCA Business Plan


 Call for Application for Financial Support to a School in Nepal – 2016

The Calgary Nepalese Community Association (CNCA) has been providing a financial support of maximum of

$1,000.00 CAD to a Public/ Government school in Nepal since 2011. CNCA is proud to continue this effort for this year 2016 as well. Like in previous years, this is a one-time grant to help and improve the quality of education in the school. The financial support shall be used for text books, reference books and teaching materials.

Click HERE for more details


CNCA’s Dashain Festival Celebration 2073 (Saturday 8-Oct-2016)‏

Calgary Nepalese Community Association (CNCA) cordially invites you and your family to join in celebration of the greatest event of the year – Dashain Festival 2073 organized as below:

Event Highlights:
Cultural performance (Dance/Songs) by talented local artists
Live music by local Nepalese band
Door Prizes
Full course meals catered by Green Chili Restaurant (17th Ave SW, Calgary)

Date: Saturday October 8, 2016
Time: 5:30 pm -10:30 pm
Venue: Greek Community Hall (Calgary Hellenic), 1 Tamarac Cr. SW, Calgary, AB T3C 3B7

Ticket Price (For pre-purchase):
Adults / Seniors / Kids > 12 : $ 20.00 (Members) / $25.00 (Non-Members)
Children (6-12 years) = $12
Children (< 6 years) = Free

Ticket at the door will be charged $ 25.00 for Adults/Seniors and $15 for Kids (6 -12 yrs).
Max Capacity: 300 (Once this number is reached, we will close ticket selling)

Coordinators: Dibya Pradhan/Bikash Dhungel/Dinesh Ghimire

In order to help estimate food and other logistics precisely, please confirm your participation by purchasing your tickets in advance of the RSVP deadline Tuesday October 4, 2016. The tickets can be purchased and collected by contacting one of the representatives listed below or online by completing a quick two-steps process as below and collecting the tickets at the door.

Online Registration & Payment:
Registration: Please click on the link below to register for the event. This will register for the event and provide the total price of the tickets for your family. You can either pay online by following the payment  link below. If not, one of the event coordinators will contact you to hand over your ticket and collect money (Cash/Cheque).

Click HERE for online Registration

Payment: Please click on the link below to make your secured payment by using any of the credit cards – you’d need to enter the total amount manually. Your ticket will be ready for pickup at the registration desk. We Thank you in advance for using online payment.

Click HERE for online Payment.

List of CNCA Representative for Tickets:

NW Calgary:

Mr. Prasanna Man Shrestha (403-200-8689, pms123shrestha@hotmail.com)

Mr. Nabin Bhusal (403-796-7760, nabin.bhusal@gmail.com)

SW Calgary:

Mr. Dibya Pradhan (403 -479-9275; dibya_pradhan@hotmail.com)

Ms. Sabita Basnet (403-244-8026; sabitabbasnet@gmail.com)

Ms. Purnima Limbu (403-207-3306; pur.limbu@gmail.com)

SE Calgary:

Mr. Dinesh Ghimire (587-583-5191; dineshbabu1@hotmail.com)

Mr. Haribol Sharma (403-479-2102; haribols@gmail.com)

NE Calgary:

Mr. Bikash Dhungel (403-803-0699; bikash_dhungel@hotmail.com)

Mr. Suraj Gurung (587-893-7831; suraj91@hotmail.com)

University Area:

Ms. Kalpana Ghimire (403-402-3467; kalpanaghimire@hotmail.com)

We are excited to see you all and celebrate this year’s Dashain together. We have CIBC as main sponsor this year.

Wish you and your family a very Happy and Prosperous Vijaya Dashami 2073!

CNCA Nepali School Re-commences for Fall Session

After the Summer recess, The CNCA Nepali School recommences for Fall Session of the year 2016 as below:

Date of Re-Opening:  Sunday September 11, 2016.

School Time: 2:15 pm to 4:30 pm

School Venue: Western Canada High School

Address: 641 17 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2S 0B5

Parking: Parking is free of cost, and plenty of stalls are available. The parking lot is located on south of the building accessed via 19th Ave. More information regarding Nepali School can be found here.

Information for new or perspective parents:

CNCA Nepali School is a program that is being executed very successfully adhering truly (in the literal sense) with the spirit of its motto “हाम्रो लागि हामीले चलाएको स्कुल”. The school is run completely by volunteers most of them are parents / guardians of students. In a typical school day, some volunteers enjoy their time by teaching in classrooms or coordinating school activities, while others have fun in kitchen / dining hall preparing snacks for kids, or by chatting / networking / mingling among each other over a cup of tea & refreshments. In addition, school’s gym hall is also available where everyone can participate in sport activities or wellness program such as Yoga, fitness exercises etc.

Therefore, participating in CNCA Nepali School program is not only providing opportunity for your kids to learn – speak, read & write in Nepali language and Nepalese heritage & culture; but also having a quality time for yourselves on Sunday afternoon.

The school welcomes participation from new members who’s willing to volunteer with or without enrolling their kids. Enrollment for all grades is open year-round. More information is available in CNCA Website.

Supporting Sufferer – Fort McMurray Wildfire

CNCA family expresses a deep sympathy to all impacted by this tragic incident, and assures that our thoughts and payers are with the residents of Fort McMurray. CNCA has committed extending its helping hands to the full extent and support the victims in the best way possible.

CNCA appeals its members and friends to open up their hearts to help our fellow citizens at their difficult time, and support the City that is the engine of economy for our entire province. Albertans helped us big time when we were in need and this is our turn to do the same. Please make your personal donations to Canadian Red Cross by clicking on the link below:


Donating through The Red Cross is the effective way as your donation will be matched by the provincial / federal governments. Tax receipt will be received for donation over $20. You can also text REDCROSS to 30333 to make a $5 donation.

Remembering the Earthquake in Nepal – April 25, 2015


CNCA’s New Executive Board

Thank you all for choosing the new Executive board for the year 2016/2017. CNCA, on the behalf of all our members, would like to congratulate the new Executive board. Welcome on-board.


Thank you to our outgoing Executive Board Members.  CNCA is sad to see you go, but we hope your help, dedication and guidance will continue and will further help CNCA’s future endeavors.


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